In class we are leaning  Olympic Art. we have to print people from are country mind is Germany   so i picked a person so i picked one and then you have to pick a sport so i picked finger skating and then i trace it with jelly beans then we cut it out then i colored it.

what i learned about olympic art is we learn how to make figer out of crls and we use colors  to match the picthre



Sportsmanship is when you are playing sports and  you say good game or nice job to the other team.   One time this had happened to me in a game of basketball. My glasses fell off onto the court and a player from the other team picked them up, handed them to me and said are you ok?  That is great sportsmanship.


Hey… My name is Quinn i love PANDAS and i also love soccer and B-ball i play on the Stoney Creek rep  B-ball and Soccer team.  I like to make Rainbow Loom braclets! My fav FOOD is bread cheese chicken rice and choclate milk.i also love Patterns.                                            ;}